Maintenance Tips

by clearwatermaid - January 16, 2019

Tips on Maintaining a Clean House

Maintaining a clean house at all times can feel stressful, overwhelming, and nearly impossible at times, especially if you have children or pets. Without a cleaning schedule or regiment in place, your space may become unappealing and require even more time to restore it, causing you to feel discouraged or unmotivated. With a few tips, ensure your house remains livable, clean, and welcoming, regardless of how busy and hectic your life is each day.

Create a Schedule for Your Dishwasher

Having a dishwasher is a blessing for most families and individuals alike. When you have a dishwasher, make it a priority to load it up each evening and immediately running it. Empty your dishwasher each morning as you get your coffee or before heading off to work. Emptying your dishwasher in the morning prevents the inevitable buildup of dirty dishes and scattered silverware in your sink and around your kitchen countertops.

Take Care of Your Kitchen Each Night

Waking up to a messy kitchen as you are making breakfast and getting your coffee or tea is discouraging and can feel exhausting. Tidy up your kitchen counters and surroundings each night before heading off to bed to wake up to a refreshed and clean eating area. Eliminate garbage, load your dishwasher, and wipe your countertops to keep your kitchen pristine and welcoming each morning.

Keep Cleaning Supplies Around Your Home

Avoid keeping all of your household cleaning supplies in one area. Store cleaning supplies in your kitchen, pantry area, and each bathroom throughout your home. Anytime your bathroom is in need of a quick cleaning, avoid wasting time or feeling unable to tackle the mess immediately with household cleaning supplies stored away in a convenient location.

Use Rugs Throughout Heavy-Traffic Areas

Use rugs in heavy-traffic areas in your home, such as entry hallways, living rooms, and even your children’s bedrooms. Rugs are often easier to maintain and prevent permanent staining or damage to your actual flooring. Vacuum, shake out, and wash rugs independently without having to steam and wash your carpeted floor excessively (this is extremely important for those with children or household pets).

Clean One Room Each Day

Spending your day off from work cleaning your entire home sounds less than thrilling–because it often is, especially if you are limited with your time away from work. Instead, consider cleaning one room in your house each day, even if you are doing minimal dusting, wiping, and vacuuming. Cleaning a small amount each day is a way to avoid spending hours conducting a thorough cleaning during your time off.

Setting aside a bit of time each day allows you the ability to manage the upkeep of your home without feeling utterly consumed with the task, especially on your days off. With the right cleaning tips, maintain your home’s welcoming presence without feeling stressed or overly pressured. Once you have a set cleaning schedule in place, keep your home clean and enjoyable to spend time in to promote better mental health and relaxation.

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