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My Orlando Maids Cleaning Services FAQs

Getting Started

What is Homes Maid Clean Richmond Co.?

We are a professional cleaning company that provides reliable, fast and affordable services to homes, offices and institutions across the country.

How does your service work?

We provide the ease and convenience of booking online from any device. It’s simple.

  1. Select the number of bedrooms and bathrooms you need cleaned along with any special requests.
  2. Choose the day and time you us to clean your home or office.
  3. Once booked, we’ll arrive on-time and ready to clean!

What services do you provide?

We offer basic cleaning, spring/deep cleaning, and move-in/move-out cleaning for homes, offices and institutions. Our cleanings are scheduled on a recurring basis or as a one-time service.

Recurring cleanings are scheduled on a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis at a discounted rate and are automatically scheduled at the same day/time based on the interval you select (*exceptions may apply). With recurring cleanings, you can have the peace of mind of knowing you are getting the same maid to clean your home or office for every cleaning.

*We are closed on all major Federal holidays. We will contact you one week prior to your service if your recurring cleaning falls on a day we are closed.

**Sometimes there is bad weather that prevents us from safely getting to your home. If this happens, we will call you in advance to reschedule your cleaning.

Pricing & Policies

How much does it cost for Homes Maid Clean Richmond Co. to clean my home or office?

We pride ourselves in providing competitive pricing based on the number of rooms and type of cleaning you need. Please see the booking form (hyperlink) to determine pricing for your service.

*Pricing through our booking form does not include certain special requests.

**If we believe upon arrival that the level of clutter/mess requires more than a basic cleaning as defined under “What is included in a basic cleaning,” we will provide a detailed estimate outlining our recommended service.

What about payment?

We accept credit/debit card payments through our booking form or by scheduling over the phone. However, you will not be charged until after the service is complete and you are satisfied with our work.

*A pre-authorization hold is made the day prior to your service. This is just a hold even though your bank may show this as a charge.  We process your payment only after the service is completed and only after you’re happy with our work.

What if I am not satisfied with my cleaning?

We have high standards because we care about what we do and the positive impact a “job well done” has on our customers. If you are unhappy with our services, we will return to redo the cleaning ASAP. If you are still unhappy, we will provide a full refund 100% guaranteed.

Trust & Safety

How do I know I can trust Homes Maid Clean Richmond Co. to clean my home or office?

Our maids are hired based on professionalism, experience, references, speed and attitude. Every one of our employees undergoes a full background check and a rigorous hiring process without exception. Additionally, our maids experience regular evaluations and ongoing training.

I am booking online. How do I know my information is safe and secure?

Not sure you need this. Also, I have no idea what to put here and couldn’t find a good example from another company. I think maids in black removed this because I couldn’t find it.

About Our Cleaning

How long does an average cleaning take?

We work in teams of two or more maids. A typical cleaning takes two to four hours.

*The length of your cleaning depends on the amount of rooms, level of clutter, special requests and type of cleaning.

Do I need to provide my own supplies?

Nope. We provide professional supplies that are safe and family/pet friendly. However, we are happy to use your supplies upon request.

About Our Services

What is included in a basic cleaning?

  • Empty and remove all trash
  • Vacuum all carpet
  • Scrub and mop all floors, tiles and grout
  • Clean, sanitize and polish kitchen area including: sinks, appliances, cabinet exteriors, floors, tables, drinking fountains and counter tops
  • Clean, sanitize and polish bathrooms including: toilets, urinals, sinks, doors, counter tops, bathtubs, showers, floors, drains, fixtures and partitions
  • Wash interior windows, mirrors and glass doors
  • Spot clean and dust doors, light switches, base boards, walls, vents and cabinetry
  • Dust and clean all partitions, ledges, phones and office equipment, desks, tables, shelving, file cabinets and other furniture
  • Change and replace bedding
  • Start or unload dishwasher
  • Clean conference rooms and reception areas
  • Refill paper supplies, trash bags and soap
  • Carpet spot removal (upon request)
  • Vacuum upholstered furniture (upon request)
  • Arrange furniture

*To ensure our team has a safe working environment, we are unable to complete the following special requests:

  • Cleaning that requires climbing on ladders
  • Cleaning of exterior windows and blinds
  • Mold, deep stain, insect or pest removal
  • Cleaning after pets
  • Cleaning items that require heavy lifting
  • Hazardous waste or materials cleanup

What if have a special request that is not included in the basic cleaning?

We offer many services beyond our basic cleaning including spring/deep cleaning and move-in/move-out cleaning. You can submit a special request through our booking form (hyperlink) or get in touch (hyperlink to contact form) with a member of our team directly.